Monday, 29 July 2013

Ford (not so) Easy Fuel

This weekend I learnt two important lessons:
  1. Don't run out of fuel
  2. Certainly don't run out of fuel with Ford Easy Fuel
The technology behind Ford Easy Fuel adds extra layers of security behind the external fuel filler opening to inhibit forced entry and syphoning. 

Easy Fuel’s spring-loaded flap is held closed by two latches that can only be released by a standard-size fuel nozzle. When the proper nozzle is inserted into the filler neck of the system, the latches release and the nozzle pushes the spring-loaded flap to the open position. When the nozzle is removed, the flap is automatically and firmly closed by the spring.

Easy Fuel also has a patented inhibitor designed to prevent improper fuelling and syphoning consisting of a fuel nozzle detector that guides the nozzle to the opening. If a nozzle or foreign tube of a different size – a diesel nozzle or plastic hose, for example – is placed in the filler neck of a petrol-powered vehicle, the latches will not release. For a diesel-powered vehicle, the inhibitor will keep out the smaller nozzles.

All sounds good right? Yup, except if you want to fill your car from a can because then you need a handy bit of plastic I am now able to demonstrate below...

However, Ford in their infinite wisdom neglected to include one with our vehicle, I tried to borrow one from somebody but the diesel one is different to the petrol (makes sense I guess) so off down to the local dealer (Allen Ford) I went! After some "discussion" about how I should have one, had I really looked, sales would need to order one, parts order from Ford Motor Company eventually a salesman saw sense and pulled one out of his draw.

So lesson of the day for any Ford drivers out there (or anybody else with a not so easy to fuel system), check you have that crucial piece of plastic just in case you ever need it!

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